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More about HACCP?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is an internationally recognized system that identifies the risks of food management and safety. It involves identifying the chemical, physical, and biological hazards to ensure the safe handling and preparation of food.

The HACCP system is built on seven core principles: 1. Hazard Analysis 2. Identifying Critical Control Points (CCP) 3. Establishing Critical Limits 4. Monitoring CCP 5. Establishing Corrective Action 6. Verification of the HACCP plan 7. Documentation & Record Keeping 

HACCP – State of the Art Approach to Food Safety This International HACCP Alliance accredited course is a basic course for food service employees. A Certificate of Completion is issued on successful completion of the course. This course meets the regulatory compliance requirement of the 2013 FDA Food Code and the USDA requirement for School District HACCP Plan Implementation. 4 Credit Hours Cost $50.00

Seafood HACCP Safety This training course was developed specifically for individuals in the seafood industry. The Seafood HACCP Course follows the Seafood HACCP Regulation which defines the safe handling and processing of all stages of seafood. The course follows USDA and FDA guidelines and the Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR Part123 Seafood HACCP Regulation. This course counts as 1 Credit Hour Cost $75.00

HACCP Food Safety for Retail Food Establishments This training course presents HACCP’s concepts and principles. These include all stages of food storage and processing by instruction on the 7 HACCP Principles. This course lays out how HACCP is applied using Active Managerial Control (AMC). This course is rated for 16 Credit Hours Cost $125.00

What is HACCP and how do I get Certified?

  • HACCP is Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. It is a system that focuses on food management safety risks and the prevention of those risks.
  • The HACCP system is built on seven core principles which are covered in the training courses and certification
  • Most states have the same training, but there are some states that have additional training. You will be able to choose your home state to see what courses are available to you.
  • Our 16 hour HACCP for Retail is  FDA Code compliant and Meets USDA requirements for School District HACCP Plan implementation. 
  • After you choose the course that you need, we will email you all the instructions along with refund procedure and ways to get support if needed. You may start and stop your training when you want.
  • Print your Certificate of Completion after completing any required exams.

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