How to Get Food Handler Certification in California

Is Learn2Serve Food Handler Training the same thing as ServSafe?

The answer is yes. 360Training / Learn2Serve ® is a brand name just as ServSafe, StateFood Safety, eFood, Premier etc. are.

Learn2Serve ANAB accredited program certificate Issuer: #0975 is the official partner of Learn2Serve since 2003

Choose the California statewide Food Handlers Card in English or Spanish or get the San Diego County Food Handler specific certificate.

After you enroll, we will send a confirmation email with your Food Handler training instructions.

After successfully passing your exam you will print your Certificate of Completion.

 Is Food Handler Training Mandatory in California?

ANAB accredited Food Handler Certification, in most cases, is mandatory in California. 360Training / Learn2Serve Food Handler training is accepted statewide with the exception of Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Do you have San Diego County Food Handler Certification?

Yes. We have the San Diego County specific 360Training / Learn2Serve course. It is approved in San Diego County. Approval #DEH2018-FFHI-000051

What is the difference between a Food Handler and a Food Handler Manager?

A California Food Handler prepares or serves food under the supervision of a Food Handler Manager or other Person in Charge (PIC).

The Food Handlers course covers food safety and sanitation in order to prevent food-borne illness. We also off HACCP and Food Allergens Training.

Did you lose your Food Handlers Card? You can log back in with your username and password anytime to reprint it.

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Why do I need to be a CA Certified Food Handler? Why is it so important?

California Food Handler Certification Training is intended to prevent food-borne illness by learning food safety procedures to protect the public, other food workers, and your business.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that each year roughly 1 in 6 Americans (or 48 million people) gets some type of food-borne illness. Of these, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die from food-borne disease. Many of these illnesses were acquired in food establishments.

The State of California requires Food Handler Certification within 30 days of employment. A Food Handler Card is required for people who work with un-packaged food, food utensils, food equipment, and surfaces which contact food.

California  restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, food trucks, street vendors,mobile food carts, and others need food handler training. For exemptions of those who do not need food handling training please check the California Food Code PDF

Note: Venues that sell prepackaged food generally do not require food manager or food handler training.

Certified Food Handler Course Topics

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Food Safety 
  • Lesson 2: Major Causes of Foodborne Illness 
  • Lesson 3: Employee Health and Hygiene 
  • Lesson 4: Protection from Contamination 
  • Lesson 5: Temperature Control 
  • Lesson 6: Consumer Advisory Requirements 
  • Lesson 7: Approved Food Sources and Storage 
  • Lesson 8: Sanitizing Equipment and Utensils 
  • Lesson 9: Pest Control 
California Food Safety Certification Requirements

Food Safety Training for Managers: Yes 
Food Manager Renewal Frequency: Industry standard is 5 years (check with local officials)
Food Manager ANSI Exam Required: Yes 
Food Handler Training & ANSI Exam : Yes
Food Handler Renewal Frequency: Industry standard is every 1 to 3 years (Check with local authority for more info.)
Local Requirements: Check with local food safety officials
10 largest Cities in California
: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakland, Bakersfield, Anaheim

California Food Safety Contact Information

California Food Code: Website PDF

California Dept. of Public Health Services
Food and Drug Branch
Phone: (916) 558-1784

California Regulations for Food Safety and Sanitation: Website PDF
Mailing Addresses:
California Department of Food and Agriculture
1220 N Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

California Dept. of Health Services
Food and Drug Branch
1500 Capitol Avenue MA 7602
PO Box 997435
Sacramento, CA 95899-7435

Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Website


We have been the online training partner of 360Training / Learn2Serve since 2003. We have an extensive history of working in all aspects of the food, beverage, and hospitality business from dishwasher to restaurant owner. 

Together with Learn2Serve, our websites have been used as access in training thousands of food service managers, food handler managers, food handlers, and alcohol servers.

We also have live food manager, food handler, and TABC Certification classes in Texas through  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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